Демография России (сайт посвящён проф. Д. И. Валентею)
Wednesday 18 February 2004
Safe Sex Awareness Rises among Young Bulgarians
Young people in Bulgaria are getting better informed about HIV and AIDS and the ways of contracting the disease, experts from the Prevention and Health Promotion Department say, making comparisons with surveys over the last several years.

Mass media are major source of information about AIDS, followed by specialized lectures, printed materials, books, brochures, conversations with parents and friends.

Youngsters' awareness of the importance of using condoms and practising safe sex is also rising, according to the surveys. In 1993 the young people, aged 18-19, who used condoms, accounted for no more than 30%, while in 1999 the number leaped to 63% and reached 66.5% in 2002.

The number of accidental sexual encounters sees a decline - in 1993 every third and in 1999 every sixth Bulgarian admitted to random sexual partners.

The traditional marriage is being replaced by cohabitation, which is considered no obstacle even in raising children.

Демографические последствия эпидемии ВИЧ/СПИД в России

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