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Украина vs Россия :: Труба (?) зависимости

История концу народного братства

Ниже представлены точки зрения, альтернативные официальной российской, включая небольшой обзор украинского ТВ и французской прессы + немецкая волна. Основная масса солидные англо-язычные издания, вышедшие в районе Нового 2006 года, когда газовое соглашение ещё не было подписано. Материал отобран на мой вкус с помощью JRL (см. Источники). Надеюсь, читателю будет любопытно. Не исключено, что читать логичнеее снизу вверх. Моё собственное мнение об этой истории )тут(. Ваше: )тут(, или )тут(. Успехов.

Ottawa Citizen (Canada) January 3, 2006 letter Russia's rules for NGOs similar to other nations'

Wall Street Journal January 3, 2006 G-8 Crasher By DAVID SATTER R

Wall Street Journal January 3, 2006 Editorial Putin's Gas Squeeze R

The new Cold War The Times (UK) January 3, 2006 Editorial R

The Guardian (UK) January 3, 2005 Price of failure in the post-Soviet consensus. The history shared by Russia and Ukraine runs deeper than any of the historical links that bind Britain. By Tom Parfitt

Financial Times (UK) January 3, 2006 Moscow has more than just the price of gas on its mind By Neil Buckley

The Times January 3, 2006 Turning off the pipes threatens to leave Putin out in the cold Analysis by Michael Binyon

Russia reappears on threat map: Gas tap ploy By Angela Charlton AP January 3, 2005

The Daily Telegraph (UK) January 3, 2005 The real reason why Putin turned off his neighbour's gas By Norman Stone R!

The Independent (UK) January 3, 2005 Russia has good reason for what it is doing. Why demonising it? By Mary Dejevsky R!

Reuters: Putin, Russian gas row get thumbs down in European press By Brian Love January 3, 2006

Reuters: Russians, Ukrainians to meet over gas row By Christian Lowe January 3, 2006

More on the Russian-Ukrainian gas disputes From: Jerome Guillet Mon, 2 Jan 2006 R!!!

Los Angeles Times January 2, 2006 Russia's Image at Risk in Dispute By Kim Murphy

Mon, 2 Jan 2006 From: Eric Kraus The Orange Meltdown – Tragedy and farce R!!!

Mon, 02 Jan 2006 Yanukovych and Orangists Tied In Poll compiled by Dominique Arel Chair of Ukrainian Studies, U of Ottawa R!

Russia Hopes that the Ukrainian Regime Will Fall by Judith Rueff Liberation (Paris), 2 January 2006

New York Times January 2, 2006 Major Russian TV Station Is Accused of Censorship By SOPHIA KISHKOVSKY

A New Year Setback. Putin starts 2006 on the wrong foot Mon, 2 Jan 2006 From: James Beadle

Deutsche Welle January 2, 2006 Opinion: Gas Dispute Undermines Russian Foreign Policy By Ingo Mannteufel

BBC Monitoring January 2, 2006 Ukrainian media critical of Russian gas cut-off R

Moscow's muscle-flexing could benefit Kiev after gas cut: analysts AFP January 2, 2006

Germany warns Russia over Ukraine gas blockade By Meg Clothier and Nick Antonovics (Reuters) January 2, 2006

Europe feels pinch as Russia-Ukraine gas row deepens AFP January 2, 2006

New York Times Magazine January 1, 2006 Bitter Orange By ANDREY SLIVKA

Sun, 1 Jan 2006 By Eric Kraus lllarionov – The Sound and the Fury www.sovlink.ru

New York Times January 1, 2006 Ukraine and Belarus, Separated at Birth By STEVEN LEE MYERS

Reason January 1, 2006 The tsars come out: A gloomy prognosis for Russian freedom By Cathy Young Contributing Editor. Cathy Young is a columnist for The Boston Globe and the author of Growing Up in Moscow: Memoirs of a Soviet Girlhood (Ticknor & Fields)

Los Angeles Times, January 1, 2006: Russia Starts Cutting Off Ukraine Gas. Putin's offer to delay a sharp rate increase is rejected by officials in Kiev, who were holding out for a gradual move to market prices. By Kim Murphy

Financial Times, December 31, 2005: How Ukraine will fare without Russia's gas. By Neil Buckley and Thomas Catan R

Time.com December 31, 2005 Q&A: Putin’s Critical Adviser. Time’s Yuri Zarakhovich talks with Andrei Illarionov, the Russian President’s key economic adviser who resigned this week

Jerome Guillet Sat, 31 Dec 2005 European Tribune Russia vs Ukraine - Tales of pipelines and dependence R!!!

Outside View: Putin's resolution? By ETHAN S. BURGER AND PETER LAVELLE UPI Outside View Commentators

R = особенно рекомендую (Ба-лдей Ага)

Чем руководствовались стороны в этом конфликте ???

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