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Shrinkage Has Slowed Since They Joined the EU

Estonians' renewed confidence in the Baltic state's economy means more couples are doing their bit to stem population shrinkage, which has seen the number of inhabitants fall by 15 per cent since 1991.

The Statistics Department released data showing there were 500 more births last year than the previous year, putting the population at 1.342 million. Although the population decreased by 0.2 per cent from 2005, the figures give statisticians reason for optimism because they show the shrinkage has slowed since 2004, when Estonia joined the European Union (EU).

Estonia's population has dropped by 14.6 per cent from 1.57 million in 1991, the year the Baltic state regained independence from Moscow after spending nearly 50 years as part of the Soviet Union. The immediate post-independence years were marked by economic upheaval and rampant inflation as Estonia moved from a centralised to a market economy, and ordinary Estonians' confidence in the future took a sharp knock.

In 2003, the year before Estonia joined the EU, the population was 1.4 million and shrinking, prompting the United Nations Population Division to warn that unless Estonians had more babies, the population could be slashed by 46 per cent by 2050. The latest UN study on population prospects says Estonia's population in 2050 will be over a million, not less, as was forecast a few years ago. Experts have noted that more women are choosing to have babies and the improved benefits system has helped increase the number of births.

Agence France-Presse reported in Push Journal 24/Jan/07

SOURCE: Push Journal, 24/Jan/07

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